Diving center Foka Novalja is located in the Straško camp, not far from the center of Novalja. The underwater area in front of the diving centre is interesting, decorated with a field of Posidonia sea grass, numerous yellow and brown sponges, and coastal fish, the most attractive of which are horsetails. The “Seahorse story” project started from this center, aiming to protect seahorses with the help of divers. Read more about the Seahorse story project on our website.

The diving center Foka Novalja is an ideal place for training divers, due to its good location, favourable diving conditions, and easy access from the beach. We are happy to work with new divers, and to provide good basis for their subsequent diving activities in the underwater world. From this center you can go towards the diving locations Tegule and Triget. They are accessible from the coast, and located in Stara Novalja, 10 minutes from the center of the town by car.