It should be emphasized that a NAUI Instructor can teach Skin Diving Instructor, Assistant Instructor, and Divemaster courses.

As opposed to different associations, this possibility can save you a lot of money. Minimum age limit to apply for this course is 18. The applicant must own an Assistant Instructor NAUI or Dive Master NAUI certification, or an equivalent.

The applicant must have at least 50 registered dives in open water. The theoretical part consists of 75 sessions.
It is necessary to carry out 15 sessions in the pool and a dive per day (over three days) in open water.



  • there should be 6 sessions, 4 of which should discuss topics from the basic courses, one from the Master Scuba Diver our Advanced Scuba Diver course, and one from the professional courses
  • one general briefing
  • two open water debriefings

Lessons in the water:

  • three lessons in the pool
  • three lessons in open water, two of which are taken from any of the basic courses and one from the Dive Master, Advanced Scuba Diver course, or a chosen professional course
  • apnea diving techniques with the autonomous diving apparatus
  • first aid techniques
  • first aid in apnea diving
  • first aid in diving with the autonomous diving apparatus


  • the basics of Didactics, knowledge acquisition theory, and oral education theory
  • organizing and planning of the diving courses, problem solving, briefing and debriefing
  • first aid for diving emergencies
  • elements of marketing
  • analysis of diving course costs
  • law regulations in diving
  • instructor ethics
  • presentation, organization, NAUI standards
  • course presentation
  • evaluation


The diver must reach a satisfactory level of theoretical and practical knowledge in order to acquire the Instructor NAUI certification.